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We Are Newgrounds

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A big thank you to Tom for putting this swf version together,
My group image for Newgrounds is finished and up for your viewing pleasure ^.^

This image was created as a thank you to Newgrounds for my new Bamboo Fun Medium. I put in a call to artists with flash work that had won awards in the past and from their submissions created this.

Characters included:
LilOrphanBoy By TimFrommeyer
Edd By eddsworld
Carbon By carbonwater
DevilSlayer By YungJazz
Reporter By Nqkoi1
Psion Law By ColdReaver
Outlaw By BiffTheTimid
Cannoncrotch By I-smel
Hamish By sorbitol
Darkar By Darkar

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Well notbad

A nice piece here and you show some pretty big names in there I wonder where they are today but besides that this seemed like you could have had more interactivity on this and make it more like a game but it's a good game piece end element just needs more stuff a real game but it doesn't bring the art world into perspective so nice effort there and I don't see much for improvement but you could ad more artists

Adding some medals and such



That's amazing. The only person I really know in there is Edd, though. I never knew Ed would be such a famous character. What ever happened to Egoraptor?

We're Newgrounds

Really Awesome draw


Awesome. yes i like it, great pick ^^