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Beat Nerdboy Senseless

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Annoying co-workers have always been the bane of many folks' existence. Maybe this game will help you work out some of your frustration. It sure helps me.

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Another "kill x game." Haven't seen one of these in a while, referring to just killing someone and being done with it. Can't say it was any fun, nor that it was especially good looking either. It kinda just lumps into the other edgy crap of the time.

Oh it didn't hurt ,eh?

Well if that didn't hurt then we can play jump rope with your organs, play hop potatoe with your kidneys and see who can make the biggest splat with your lungs.Did I metion we are going to make girl scout cookies with the rest of your body and tell them AFTER they ate them?Well we are.

(9 cause guy pissed me off) But don't get me wrong it was fun!You can use some of this if you want,god knows i don't know how!


you can't even do it out of order coz his head regrows or something!

poor nerd


Wow, anger management...

Thanks for making that game, it really got all of my aggression out, haha. Very VERY violent, haha.

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2.72 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2002
12:19 PM EST