The Assassin: beginning

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its basically the same as the one i submitted yesterday except its faster, has better text and some new sound, not too much better though. The animation is still mediocre but, with a mouse this is still prtty good. I f you can't hear the gunfire at the beggining turn up your speakers.

All sound provided by soundsnap.com


Alright for a first timer.

The animation does need work but I understand having hardware limitations.
Next time you could try using some tweening, (There are plenty of tutorials on the internet.) and maybe use a blur filter to show changing focus. And try to add a little more action for ep. 2, you can do gradual scaling wth motion tweens that might help make things look a bit smoother.


it's ok but the animations could use some work. (ps i'm no better ^_^)

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This was kewl, but you have stuff to improve

storyline was ok, but you have to improve your style. keep it up!

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Wy better than the first

Pretty food now instead of waiting for the reading to pass after i read it i can just press a button nice man

MasteRat133 responds:

ya i was reading about action script, then i realized how is this gonna work, its taking way too long at first. Then when i made this version, the text was too long and the fps was too fast. so i used stop on the frame, then put the play button there for everyone.

Good but...

the story is great! but you need a better animatin and longer episodes

Good LUCK and waiting for ep. 2;)

MasteRat133 responds:

thnks for the review. I plan on starting episode 2 soon. i already sktched the scenes on paper. and i just need to get the script done, not necesairily dialogue, but how each scene is going to work out. The story only really begins unfolding next episode

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2.80 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2008
9:23 AM EST