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Merry Christmas Honey!

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Merry Christmas Honey!

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SLINTAS!!! Will I ever see you again?


how is the tablet?

Honey Buns, sweet excretions!

AAAAAAHHHhhh what a giant Piece of Shit!

Hey just joshin'

I have to say good sir that was not bad at all. The characters looked good and were animated well. Could have used a little tadpole of color though, but it didn't really matter too much. The voices really made this one though. Pretty fucking slick, Slicky. It was sweet as a baby's skin.

God fucking bless.

Slintas responds:

God fucking bless indeed!
Thanks :)


That was something quite different from your usual, I really liked it anyway, especially the voice work. It's sort of how I imagined 'f' would be like.

Which reminds me... WE GOTTA DO DAT SOMETIME!

Slintas responds:

Yeah, this is exactly how "f" would be like, and yes, we have to make it SOON!

no, i dont think it is really good

it wasnt any different than anyother flash just looking to be shocking nothing to it context wise it was lacking

Slintas responds:

Hi there.