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UM: Snowball Holiday

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Author Comments

UmiChan Maiko: Snowball Holiday

Dec. 27 2008: Submitted an update of this game

Loosing all heat now takes you to the end of the day, unless it's the last day then it will reset to right before the last fight. You keep stats earned each time.

+2 skill each time Luma is hit (up from 1)

+8 skill when Luma is beaten (up from 5)

+4 skill when Riley is hit (up from 1)

During snowball fights the person's chance to move is decreased to 50% (down from 66%)

Also I'd like to note this isn't meant to be a hard game.. to avoid being hit with snowballs, just simply not have the mouse overlapping the incoming snowball as it gets close to you.


Recommend for the Christmas 2008 collection!

Be sure to check out the instructions and the extras for tips.

open in pop-up window is recommended.

Hotkeys: ( during snowball fights )
A - throw snowball
S - pickup a snowball

Certain buttons won't work if you can't go to that area yet.
Also leaving the Mall or snow fight area advances the time of day.

The bodysuit is a NG Easter egg.
( yes it's possible to get it )

This Flash is image heavy, it took me a while to make the images and figure out how exactly I was going to go about coding this.

Also compression to fit the 10mb limit has reduced the overall quality of the flash. Even still, I hope you will enjoy it :)


Not bad

Not a bad game, but the controls for the second snow ball fight are pretty slugish. The blond girl moves twice as fast as my character, so even if i spend a lot of time trying to build up her snowball skills, which is dificult since she only gets a point if she hits her friend in practice and she dodges super quick as well, my own characters slow motion dodging means I can rarely get out of the way of any incoming snowballs. Looks like it could be a fun game, but it gets anoying being in a one sided fight you have no chance of winning.

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks for the review :) The controls for each fight should be the same.. It's the same frame, and the same script.. Also when avoiding snowballs, you are as fast as you can move the mouse. You just simply need to not have the mouse over it to avoid it. You can actually successfully hit her in transition as shes moving, if you know she is going to go a certain way (like when she is already to one side.) I've updated this game it should be easier though.


that's very nice :) challenging and fun , I wonder what I would expect on full version though :p

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Vortex00 responds:

Yeah I wonder.. :p
I'd like to see that too! XD

I think it'd be too big for the regular submitting process. Barely got this one compressed down T_T;

Interesting game

Pretty good, but the walking parts seem tacked in just for show (and to force you to get boots). First time I fought that chick, I mopped the floor with her. But the second time, she kicked my ass, even after I spent tons of time practicing at the snow fields. What's up with that? It was interesting how you had her hair in the view to make it seem first-person, but the boobs bouncing up when you look down was pretty ridiculous. Overall, a good game, just short and some-what contrived into an RPG.

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Vortex00 responds:

Thanks, yeah it's intended as a short game. That's why I didn't bother with having saving features >_<;

Also, actually the walking part is essential part of the game which makes getting the bodysuit actually somewhat challenging. Yes and doing so would force you to get boots.

The chick (Luma) is easy at first because you have a mandatory talking part followed by a walking part right after that first fight. If you are already low.. you're pretty screwed. So I made that first one easy so you can get back to warm up in time.

I don't know how you could have lost after practicing XD.. but both girls move the same. It's just that Luma attacks you back. All you have to do is move the mouse away from the snowball when It's getting close to you... If you have skill at lets say 25 you'd only need to hit her 4 times (unless it's day 5). But you want to be sure to not be low already when going into fights... or you can just click the arrow in the bottom left corner to run away....

Very good.

You did a nice job on this. The only thing i didnt like was having to wait to get to one place to another. Maybe next time you should give people the option to skip those walking things.

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Vortex00 responds:

Thanks, and I thought about this.. but it would defeat the purpose of some of the things in this game... also getting the bodysuit would be no challenge at all.. I'll probably add the feature for most routes.

nice man!

i liekd the 1sy person view!

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Vortex00 responds:


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