Dark Legion 2

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Evil is back!

Second part of turned based horror game Dark Legion!

Please read How to play in main game menu!

Use button next to MUTE button with "E" label to increase game speed (if neccessary).


still love it XP


Great game but please turn down whatever lets the computer have 5 turns in a row that gets really annoying and you should have a save feature that saves your progress if u have to close your window so u can continue your game.

BS ... freakin BS!

Interesting concept, but the computer is either cheating like a mofo or the luckiest SOB I've ever seen. There's too much crap on the screen to get many combo's, but the comp would consistently get extra turns, chain-combo's, etc, usually from misc stuff falling from the top that ... gee, what a coincidence ... would cause a chain-combo for the computer. EG: the rat cleared out a vertical 3 mana slot, and what a surprise, 3 axes fall from the top letting it get an auto-hit on me. A few other times, the AI cleared out a small 3 mana slot, and the stuff that fell from the top of the screen JUST SO HAPPENED to let it pull off a multi-combo that cleared 4 other lines. Maybe your AI is really damn good, or maybe it can tell what's going to come ONTO the screen if it clears out certain areas ... I don't know. All I know is this is not entertaining. It's frustrating and annoying. But, the concept is good, and the graphics were good.

shajby responds:

Hi, I will try to decrease AI. But last time I have done it, everybody told me thats its too easy :-). And my girfriend was playing this game and passed first 14 levels without any problem, so maybe she just had better luck :-)..anyway will try to decrease difficulty (in the evening after work :))

Could be enjoyable but too unbalanced

I'll admit I almost blamed this but I see potential and so I gave a 3/3

I do see that this has a lot of potential if several issues are addressed.

There are some serious balance issues within the game. I have repeatedly been kill in one turn by the opponent right after taking my turn. I understand the premise of the game in that it is a RPG style gem game. however I have frequently watched it set things up for the enemy. if it's going to be random it should be random. I recommend using a Mersenne Twister for random numbers. the graphics are good although I would recommend a way to turn off some of the explosive effects, or add seizure warning.

Also the spells that show up with a lock on them do not seem to be unlockable.
the tutorial touches only on the most basic elements in the game and should be a little more in depth.

shajby responds:

man, how you can say they are not unlockable?Did you play more than 5 battles?If yes, you wouldnt say that. If you read How to play, so you would know you can turn off the explosion effects, there is button just next to the MUTE button that turns off explosions. Mersenne Twister? Thanks will check it!

I Like

I like this a lot, but im having trouble with the rat :( I fail

shajby responds:

Thanks! and it wants just a little bit of practice and you will beat the rat :-).

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3.25 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2008
7:00 AM EST
Puzzles - Sliding