One Quiet Winter Night

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Hi everyone. This is my first-ever completed film, made for Newgrounds' Christmas 2008 collection.

It is about a young boy who dreams of journeying in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

This might be a little soft-toned for Newgrounds, but I hope that some of you will appreciate it anyway. It took me about a year of intermittent work.

Some of the scenes are quite dark, so it is best viewed in dim or no light. Oh, and you probably need a fast computer for it to play smoothly...

Happy holidays!



I've got to to say that was absolutely amazing. The artwork was a nice change of pace from the every day flash cartoons.

this is...

this is by far one of the best videos of all time, if not THE best. the art is superb, the mood was awesome, and everything else was just perfect! so i give this a perfect 10 and two thumbs WAY up, lol

The Dingy Touching Granddaddy's of Yesteryear!

So this was really something. It had the colors, the Santa, and most importantly it was family friendly. As long as it's good with the kids it's good with me. I am glad this is good for the kids because most vidyas around these parts just aren't appropriate for the young eyes that view them . I believe they should delete all the none family friendly vidyas on this site, because the kids are most important. Am I right or what?

Esn responds:

I don't think you're right (all videos on Newgrounds have a rating, so you can easily tell what's family friendly and what's not), but I do agree that the balance here is heavily skewed toward non-family-friendly material. There's still a lot of good family-friendly material on Newgrounds, though. I'd recommend starting with the films of Dustball.


This flash was excellent. The drawings were excellent and the audio was just as good. It seems to me that you have created a work of art with this flash. Great job don't change a thing.


its wierd but good...nice job dude

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Dec 21, 2008
4:38 AM EST
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