TV'ed II

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The Evil TV has enslaved the mind of our hero's brother-in-law. In a desperate attempt to free him, he goes to consult the internet for advice on what to do. Those darn TVs!
(the author of this video does not get cabal TV!)

This video is the sequel to the my first flash video "TV'ed" witch is on my web page http://www.neshirdreams.c om/ but this video is the first one that I've added sound effects too. I was pleased with how it came out although it is quite simple animation.


It was funny

yo thats some funny shit yo the only thang I would say it needs and Im not trying to be mean here but the drawings could have been beter agian im not trying to be mean (god knows I cant draw)

Good humor

"Thinking can be fun once you get the hang of it." I think this is my new slogan.

Plotline: Good. Not a whole lot more you could have done with it. If you haven't done this already, storyboarding helps a lot with longer stories.
Art/Animation: Average. Look up some tutorials on character building; it'll help a lot.
Sound: is there. A little background noise from the TV channels would have added a good amount to this.

Overall, not bad for a first submission. Keep at it.


The drawings could've been a bit more detailed, but they weren't bad. The whole flash fits together very well, and I like your sfx, especially for the footsteps. The whole thing about consulting the doctor was pretty good too. I see that this is your first submission, but I hope to see more.

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2.87 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2008
2:01 AM EST
Comedy - Original