A Pwanchi Christmas

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Merry Christmas Newgrounds
This is our entry to the Christmas 08 Collections so please recommend it and such

Play and Pause buttons are on top bar of flash during songs

This is pretty much it for 2008 and it was our first year of doing this stuff :D
Pwanchi Productions



Stealthbeast shut the hell up, the animation isn't bad at all, the voices were funny, and the script was funny as hell! Although a good design and everything, personally I hate all 12 days of christmas and their repeating stuff, Plus I hate chainsaw and billy

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12 thumbs up

Nice work, it is always great having everything you created this year into one jolly animation. =D Can't wait to see what you guys have brewing next year!

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one question

what is a pwanchi

cyotecody555 responds:

No clue lol
It's our face/logo =D
Where we got the name I don't know haha

i dont get it.

it was funny but only the billy dolls and the stolen cupcakes.


I'm being generous, because I believe you have learned from your mistakes in some ways. For example, at least you didn't claim they were your characters this time around. Even so, it doesn't say much for your originality to base everything around games and films that other people already came up with. I understand parody and all, but you guys do have potential. More than I do. That's why I feel I little dissapointed in your flash when I think about what you could be doing with your own characters, story and series.

But then again, one of the co-authors still reviewed it like last time. This still looks stupid, but his review is at least better this time and not as pathetic sounding.

And the flash? I like the idea, to tell the truth. Animation is crinkly but decent and sound is good. The opening scene where you discussed ideas was completely lame and forced, as was the Zelda song and Saw song. The twelve days of Christmas was probably the highlight, but I couldn't watch it all the way through.

However, I did like the character profiles. Before viewing this flash, I'd only ever seen the melon trap flash. So it was good to be able to at least know a bit about these characters.

And congratulations on resisting the urge to advertise this on the BBS. That was very manly of you all.

Finally, I'd like to say that this is a pretty good flash. It's just not my taste or humour. But you've caught my eye, so in 2009 I'll probably keep in touch with what you submit. I wholeheartadly hope to see some orignal content from you in the close future. Good luck.

PS I might even parody this Pwanchi stuff. You should feel honoured.

cyotecody555 responds:

Ok at least this review is alot more constructive this time

I actually did say in the author's comments last time "This flash includes every character we have created, parodied, made fun of and shit", I did mention that this includes characters that we have parodied so yeah what you said is false
And lots of people do parodies of games, movies etc
I like parodying, I do hope to make some more original flashes and ideas like "A Pwanchi Halloween" but I just don't have any at the moment, so I'm parodying stuff
Well actually, Our stories we come up with for these Parodied characters is original, like the Golden Apple, Stolen Cupcake etc
Just to point it out

wwerappin's review is left towards me, all he did in this flash is voices, so he left a review on what he thought of how it turned out

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3.93 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2008
8:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original