A Pwanchi Christmas

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Merry Christmas Newgrounds
This is our entry to the Christmas 08 Collections so please recommend it and such

Play and Pause buttons are on top bar of flash during songs

This is pretty much it for 2008 and it was our first year of doing this stuff :D
Pwanchi Productions



Nice stuff Cody!! You really put a lot of effort into this and it is awesome!!

Great flash!!

From Wild Ride 1 in January you've improved so much and you should be very proud of yourself.

Looking forward to doing more great flashes with you next year!! Let the games begin!!


you see alot of my reviews at the moment cause i cant stop watching your vids!
i realy did chukkle in this when gannondolf (think thats how u spell:/) says " yer way to go logen you bastard" :L great! keep em coming;)

cyotecody555 responds:

lol Good to hear ^_^
Glad you're enjoying them =D


(silenced) four billy dolls


Zelda's voice makes me horny though

The voices need fixing.

Once again, for the effort I saw, I gave you a 5/5.

But like I've said in previous flashes you have done, the biggest problem with this flash is the voice acting. Like a lot of it sounds very weak, forced, sometimes obnoxious, and then the mics give out a lot with puffs and hisses. The voice actors for Zelda, Fisher and Lambert were the only exceptions, because all three of them sounded actually very good. But checking the profiles, it showed the main reason was because they weren't voiced by the same people for the other flashes.

I just think, if you want to really boost the quality of your future flashes, you need to save face and find more voice actors like them to go in your flashes.

I understand that you made the flash, and you're going to want to voice in it for obvious reasons, I get that, but I mean you got to look at it from a professional stand point. You put effort and work into the flash, and the voice acting is a crucial part of the project. If you're going to put the time and effort into the flashes animation, you might as well do the same with the voice acting and just find better ones to do it. Because otherwise the bad sound quality will just bring it down.

So my biggest gripe, you have two decent voice actors in this, Rina-Chan and BigK, while the rest of the voices sound bad. I strongly urge you to get in contact with more voice actors to do the other character roles, because their professionalism will only strengthen your already strong animating styles.

Now, as for the flash itself. I'm always a fan of Christmas musicals, the mall scene especially was my favorite. So I liked the premise, but there was some serious chopping problems on the twelve days of Christmas, Zelda sang completely off key from the rest of the song, even if she sang it rather well, and Lambert just sounded ridiculous, because his lines sounded so cut up. I would have suggested BigK just redo that line all together if it was too long or off key, because trying to chop it to fit with time, really made him sound bad.

But overall, I liked your premise, I thought the rewind, pause, fast forward buttons helped a lot, your profiles were pretty cool, the songs were clever, and I really liked the way this ended with everyone joining together then cueing to credits. So well done.

I just hope something is done about the voice acting. Because like I said, it's understandable to want to voice in a project since you made it, but you should always think, "will this voice fit the character? Or am I just voicing him because I want to?"

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cyotecody555 responds:

Well we actually are going to get voice actors for our next project, every character will have a good voice actor, although for some of these character's voice that are in this flash we will not change, like maybe Cody, Logan, Ryan, cus they're supposed to sound like that so yeah...........

Getting all the voices to fit the music was very hard, especially because BigK and Rina-Chan aren't here to here what Tempo the song is, and even us had trouble during the 12 days, although chainsaw sang his song while listening to the music so that was pretty much in time

But yeah this was a very nice review :)

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Dec 20, 2008
8:11 PM EST
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