Christmas massacre 3D

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The worst massacre in the North Pole. Only one will survive...
My first one, and probably last, 2.5D animation (3D characters with 2D backgrounds), using Flash 8 and Swift 3D v5.
Background music: "Apocalyptica - Path" & "Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children - Beyond the wasteland"

La peor masacre que vio el Polo Norte. Solo uno sobrevivirá...
Mi primer, y probablemente última, animación en 2.5D (personajes 3D con fondos 2D), usando Flash 8 y Swift 3D v5.
Música de fondo: "Apocalyptica - Path" & "Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children - Beyond the wasteland"

Please, vote for this animation for the "Christmas 2008 Collection"!!!

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Okay this is just racist.

Very good, but

it looked better in 2d and it was a lil´slow.

was good

i thought it was pretty good... animation wasnt so good but i couldnt do better... and the end was awesome
well done

Happy winter solctice?

I am a christian so it kinda irks me that you would have someone kill whom I believe to be the son of god... anyway Religion aside, the animation was alright it seemed a little off, but that may have been your intentions, however the dialogue needs work, and as far as I am concerned the typos were a little distracting. If you are going to translate, be sure to make all the proper grammatical sequence and wording. As far as the actual conversations went, I got bored with it. And as for the change in Jesus' skin, that was quite off, he looked black, not middle eastern. Other than that I would say this is an average movie. the fight scenes weren't well done and, well, as good as I have seen them on NG before. And one thing to Dreis, if you come to an English speaking country, you are obligated to learn English, just like if I went to Spain, I would learn Spanish. Just like I am learning Japanese for when I take a trip to Japan.

antipanda responds:

Ok, "if you come to an English speaking country, you are obligated to learn English", but I am not in a English speaking country, I am in a Spanish speaking country.
Newgrounds is a english page, but, if I want, I can submit content in Spanish. I am not obligated to learn English, if you do not like the translation, do not read it.

PD: Who cares that you are going to take a trip to Japan?

Me gustó mucho ! Muy bueno colega !

The idea is good, and the performance is great. Great job.

For those who say that you must "improve your translation skills", fuck'em !
I would like to see an english speaker writting down subtitles also in spanish, or in another language. Does somebody do that ? no, nobody. And they think that because they allready speak english, with that is fine, but we have to study and learn their language, so, a little of respect, WE at least speak 2 languages, while you english speakers, just one because you think you're super great or something. If he had the consideration to put it in english so everybody understands it, not being hes mother language, dont say "you gotta improve your translation skills". Lazy brit, or you learn spanish.

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2008
5:31 PM EST