When Mario met Miyamoto

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12/31/08 Edit: Hey this made it into the Mario Collection and so quickly! AWESOME!! Thanks a lot everybody!

The story of how Mario, the greatest Video Game Character ever, came into being.


really funny XD

Very good comedy and and a "true" story....very original (its true)

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! Yes it's so original that it makes it look true lol XD

Why is this not front page?

The beginning of this flash is THE funniest thing I've ever seen on newgrounds. I'm back to watch it now for the fifth time today.. And I still laugh my ass off every time. The jokes are so well done, and the accents are comedy gold.

You sir, deserve far more.

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jackbliss responds:

5th time today??? Lol thanks! I know this movie is funny and all but quite frankly I believe it doesn't deserve front page or any more than this because it was too easy and fun to make. Be sure to show it to some of your friends though lol

this shoulda got a daily today.

i'm usually offended by horribly overdone mario parodies but this didn't really go along with any of the stereotypical mario jokes. it was actually mildly amusing. good job.

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jackbliss responds:

Man I got no luck with awards and only got 1 so far but hell thatz not what I'm here. for. I'm here to make original stuff and make people really laugh... or cry... or jus get high meh... whatever. Thanks for the good review :-)

kinda werd but funny

ok i belive that story and good job

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jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the great review and moreover for.. for... (sniff) believing me :-(

Very Nice

It's great to see something original on here, you got 5/5 purely for that. The italian joke is probably as old as Mario anyway so it's possible that's where that originated too. True the animation could have been better and smoother but it had a style all of it's own and it doesn't detract from the story. Well done, you deserve front page for this, hope you get it!

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jackbliss responds:

Thanks a lot man! Your review was very insightful. I showed this to my friend before uploading it here and he was laughing from the very start even before the actual jokes started. He said the drawings, the way the character tried to narrate a serious situation (well serious to him anyway lol) and especially the way he moved about made him laugh like crazy and sometimes even the best most polished comedies on TV can't top that.

I guess that's what makes the internet so special :-)

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Dec 20, 2008
2:46 PM EST
Comedy - Parody