When Mario met Miyamoto

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12/31/08 Edit: Hey this made it into the Mario Collection and so quickly! AWESOME!! Thanks a lot everybody!

The story of how Mario, the greatest Video Game Character ever, came into being.


sooo hilarious

but you maid an error:
the first mario game was donkey kong and it was created on 1991 not on 1993
very good animation and very good true story

5/5 10/10


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jackbliss responds:

Actually I think it was created in 1981 not 1991. Right now I have it down as 1983 which I will be changing soon. Thanks for the great review! :-)

Quite hilarous

The audio clip was really funny and the video went very well with it and added that much more humor to it,nice job.

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jackbliss responds:

Thanks! The audio clip was not done by me however. It was given to me by a friend of mine who'd gotten it from his cousin who infact got it from his friend's cousin who gave it to his friend's brother that got it from his sister's boyfriend who got it from his dad and his dad got it from me after it was given to my brother by someone else who made it lol

Hope this reply was entertaining for you to read ;-D


Is that actually all true?

jackbliss responds:


Spoon and a knife? I wanted a fork!

Dah ha ha ha!!! That was the best part in my opinion! Little stuff like that, that leaves me in stitchs!

/Hey, on a different note, since you've replied to all of your reviewers, ya think you could gimee some animating tips? Like starting off, what knid of flash machine I should get. Check out my page. Emblem out.

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jackbliss responds:

Yes I make it a point to respond to most of my good reviews whenever I can. As for the animating tips... well I usually like saying them in private so PM me whatever doubts you have and I'll help you to the best of my knowledge.

Oh I checked out your page. The drawing shows the makings of a very good beginner :-)


It was really well done and very funny! I have one problem though, I don't think Mr. Miyamoto would have dreamt up that god-awful Super Mario Super Show lol.

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jackbliss responds:

Ha ha well maybe Miyamoto didn't dream of the 'Super Mario Super Show' but just had a vision of the things to come... whether he wanted it or not lol. Thanks for the great review :-)

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Dec 20, 2008
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