Bob and Block

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Ah, this is one of my first games. I made it as a school project for Music Class. I don't know why he gave us a video game project, but he did. Everyone else did movies/videos tapes while I was the only one who really made a game. So I came up with something random. Just so I could get a 100% on the assignment and I'm submitting it cause I'm going to be submitting lot's of my older stuff soon too....


Ummm.. What about an ending?

I agree with the others that the game could use some touches. Nicer graphics would be nice, more movement, more to do. But my main issue is after finishing the level with both the vertical and horizontal blocks being thrown at you the screen just goes grey and nothing happens. Something should happen. Even just say.. You win.. This ending is no good, and should be changed.

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Zforcegames responds:

Actually there is an ending, It's a glitch with a new version of flash. Just right-click and press play on the gray screen.


Kinda fun, movement is smooth but the drawing lacks detail or character, also, the first level has a spot where it can just launch you past the end point, and you fall into nothingness


on lvel two i feel through the right most wall and floor and forever... There is no walking backwards animation he just slides to the left...

What is happening?

Ok, it's good for a test but for a final product game, It's just a beginners game but if you made this it won't be long before you create some real stuff!

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3.34 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2008
12:54 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other