SHARK! (open source)

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I created this game to help newbies and people, learn how to make flash games...
i hope it helps anyone who needs it..

recommend for collection 'tutorial'

i dont need to know how the game is unfinished or not fun.. the game is open source so if you think it needs to be different download the fla and change it

first known remake - themillz (scuba jerk)
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/496286


I love this game i like the music thx jjwallace

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Very interesting.

Though it is simple, It lets the user download the file to view the contents of the file, and even modify it. While I'm new to open source, I find this very interesting to dive into,(Har har) and read the scripts, thus building my knowledge to actionscript.

Very good job, jjwallace!


Great job, is that a sand tiger?


but the shark moved a bit to slowly :/

jjwallace responds:

yeah, i was hoping that it would get improved after i uploaded it... i got some emails from somone that was working on it... not sure if they will finish... this was the first game i put up in open source, i built it in a couple hours and wanted to see if anyone would finish it if i put up the source


good for a open source and 45 minutes, I have had trouble with flash games so I might try using it sometime. Thanks.

jjwallace responds:

cool, there is already someone working on it to make a new version... try and blast them out of the water.. if you do a version 2 it would be coool... it would be cool if people kept adding to it and kept it open source and it got cooler and cooler... right now it needs a lot to be fun

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2008
1:14 AM EST
Action - Other