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Battle the evil Flashcist Dictator for the coveted "Champion of EveryGoddammThing" belt.

WARNING: ARENA may be taxing on scrawnier boxes. Beefeaters recommended. Failing that, switching to lo-rez runs pretty well universally.

In any case, hope you like it. The version I threw up is one segment of a multi-level fighting game that will eventually include lots of special moves, weapons, hoopla, and if time (and your votes) allows, bitchizz with UZIs.

Quick Controls (Think "Doom" Style Keyboard/Mouse)

Arrow Keys -- Strafe Left/Right, Move Forward/Back.

Mouse -- Move upper body, aim punches.

Did I mention it's my first Flash game? Kin I get a review?



it's a bit hard cuz i hate to block lol but it's still a cool game

Fun but hard!

Decent first flash game! Good graphics, and the controls seem pretty solid, but it seems way too damn hard to beat at all. I must have played through three times and he just beat my ass every time. The status bars are a bit confusing - you might want to clarify that a bit. Other than that, this is an awesome game for a first!

HappyJoeLucky responds:

Thanks! The best way to beat him is to hold down block (Shift) key most of the time while you find your range, then explode with a few combinations, then continue blocking and dodging. He used to kick my ass too, but now I stomp him all the time.

The small health bars track health before a knockdown. Each time a fighter falls, one of the bigger health bars diminishes. 3 Falls = death. I'll add that into the instructions for the final version. Thanks again!

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2.53 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2002
6:18 PM EST
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