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Star defence

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Author Comments

It is a simple shooting game with 5 levels

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this game was ok but... honsetly to much clicking and no upgrades? redo it make it better


Try adding an exploading animation when it hits the enemy ship. I couldn't tell what hit what. Also there were to many ships to shoot (but maybe that's just me.) All-in-all It was mildly fun would have been TONS better with an upgrade menu. Just spice it up a bit and you'll do just fine.

hold the motor

waaaaaaaayyyy too repetitive
plus clicking so much for so long just hurt my wrist
nothing about this game drew me in and made me want to play, it was just kind of bleh
try and make different types of ships, maybe the ability to move the turret, maybe even upgrades would be cool
overall add more diversity to the play

Hard to the point of impossible

The presentation was OK but the game started off very hard and just got harder. I'll have to take your word that there was 5 lives, I was getting rushed by so many ships on level 2 that I just couldn't get past it. Level 1 should generally be considered to be a training level in order to teach the player the skills they need for the rest of the game, then you slowly ramp up the difficulty from that point. Speaking of training, some instructions would have helped.

There wasn't enough variety in the gameplay, just moving the mouse and clicking. At the very least you could do with different shot types, ships or being able to move your ship.

Also the level endings weren't very well defined - level 1 suddenly ended while there were still ships on the screen. If you're going to end levels when the player has reached a certain time, it's a good idea to put some sort of timer on the screen. At one point during level 2 all the ships suddenly disapeared then launched from the edge of the screen again, almost as if I'd got to level 3 but without the level 3 sign.

It wasn't a bad effort, but you needed to take it much further in both concept and testing.

it is simple...

and way to easy, after level 3 it stopped showing levels, I guess because of your description of it being "simple" for a simple game it was better then most, but if I compare it to other defence games... it needed more upgrades, and variety. oh and one major flaw was you need to make an animation for when your lasers hit the bad guys, make them flash red or something, but I never can tell when my shots actually hit. they just seem to dissapear into thin air.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2008
1:56 PM EST