That Word Game

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Make words from the falling letters. Use left mouse button to select the letters. Alternatively, use 'Enter' to submit a word, 'Backspace' to erase a letter, 'Del' to clear a word. Press 'P' to pause.

Try to make words longer than 6 letters, this will keep your multiplier up and the score high. Submitting wrong words or small words will drop parasites (the star shapes), submitting long words (10+ letters) will clear the parasites. When less than 2 letters are left, the game is over.

Also try the 4 challenges: "10 Minutes to Midnight" (score as high as you can in 10 minutes), "Pit Cleaner" (65 letters dropped, try to clear them all), "Ladder" (clear as more words of increasing lengths are dropped), "Alphabet Soup" (find the alphabet as fast as you can).

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Wow, this really was quite an impressive game! I was intrigued by how unique it was. I am also glad you don't have to do everything in the order of which they appear. What I mean is, you don't need to have the letters touch each other. I was certainly glad for that. The sound was quite nice.

I really can't get into making longer words. I guess I'm just taking baby steps. The design is really nice. I'm quite surprised this didn't get popular at all. It's quite original.

Very cool concept

And the black and white fits, nicely. Itwas hard to find the play game button on the first screen because it was white on white and therefore invisible, make sure to manually add background layers as autobackround willl often simply appear white on many browsers. (and yes I have up to date flash player) Altogether though, this could be a very addicting game.

lots off difference

music: 0/10 there was no music, to bad.
animation: 8/10 high quality animation.
gameplay: 10/10 very large choise in gameplay, liked the game. the challenges also were good.

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4.64 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2008
12:17 PM EST
Puzzles - Other