Exploding UFOs

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Controls: Drag the mouse to aim, and click the mouse to fire rockets.
Shoot the UFOs by clicking on them.
Laser gun at wave no: 4.
Space mines at wave no: 8.
Number of waves to win the game: 15.

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One of the most addicting games i've played on newgrounds , keep it up.

not bad

Graphic of players ship is a bit generic looking though, try to draw by hand, also you could benefit from some "space exploration" type music.

Lucy88 responds:

I have drawn the graphics of the player's space station myself. It is not an imported image.
I tried to download some of the space music sound loops from internet, but they were not to my liking.

its ok

its good and all but the waves r too short 8 waves in less then 2 minutes other then that its a pretty sweat game. Nice

Lucy88 responds:

Thanks! I am afraid that the game may become slow if it is prolonged.

A solid effort

But there's just not enough here. I'll first mention the glaring inconsistency between the title, which promises exploding space ships, and the game, which has us shooting down asteroids. Which is fine, but the misnomer irks me.

The sound design is lazy and the lack of music is overt and noticeable. It also isn't clear why the asteroids break into rubble after a certain point, or what affect this has on the game- it seems a needless visual effect.

As far of the game itself, the controls feel slow and sluggish and there just isn't a sense of action or peril that makes the game fun. Everything moves so slowly that most of the challenge vanishes.

It would seem that giving the planet a health meter is a mistake. Games like this are usually one-hit-kill in that if any asteroids connect with Earth it's over. Frustrating, yes, but that sense of challenge- that desire to come back and beat your high score, is what makes games like this good.

I would suggest removing the planet's health bar and instead of automatically rewarding the player with defenses and mines make them purchasable with the points they earn.

Lucy88 responds:

I thought that UFOs include asteroids.
In the game there is a sound loop with a volume control. I could no get a better sound loop.
In my opinion the game is not that slow!
If there is no health bar the game ends very soon, and it may become very difficult to win the game.

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Dec 19, 2008
2:42 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional