Luigi's Confession

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This may require a little bit of reading so be patient :P Also a lot of the events that occur are unrealistic and completely unrelated to the actual Mario games. Enjoy the show!

New note- Ok for all the reviews that complain about the fast pacing text, and not crediting music here is your explanation. I originally had a much larger script for this flash but because the song (hello zep by saw soundtrack) was so short i had to dumb it down completely. I tried to include as much text from the script to get the point across about luigi's envy and little enough so that its atleast readable. I'm a bit more of a fast paced reader so i didn't realize that would be an issue for some so i apologize. BUT i did take that into concideration so i made buttons to go back and forth so that if you missed nething you could click back and read it again so i tried to make up for it :D.

-oops, i forgot this song too i must have been lazy whle making the credit scene sorry guys :(
Titanic Soundtrack - Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave - James Horner is the song used in outake 3

Well fellow newgrounders its been a while since I made my last submission so I'd atleast like to have ONE in here before the year is over. Don't worry I plan on continuing my DBZ-TLE series but I needed a little break from that project so this is what I came up with. I made something a little different then I normally do with this mario parody and I based it on what I thought the newgrounds audience liked :D. This was originally going to be realeased a lot sooner but I couldn't figure out the banner sponsorship deal with newgrounds here so now I got too impatient and just gave up on putting that in my flash :( (Unless someone nice enough will have the patients to walk me through that process :D). Anyways enjoy the movie!

p.s. For the last outake non of the sprites were stolenfrom randy solem's rise of the mushroom kingdom. If you compare the two you can see clear differences between them. Thats why I made it this way :D

Vote fairly and keep reviews constructive. I try to reply to all messages :D. Ah hell you can spam in reviews if you want this was meant just to be a fun project anyways ;)


it was good but

thats impossible for luigi to die with star power so i cant give you a 10/10


Old, not funny and overused. I can see why people can like this some people will NEVER get tired of dbz stuff in sprites but i have after countless countless front page flashes on it and that over 9000 thing i pissed myself the first 15 times but now... its just a no if i saw this flash about 2 and a half years ago it would of been a ten and im not moaning at the people who love it cause i used to love this kinda stuff aswell.. so in all i didnt like it but dont pay too much attention to this review.

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hrechkaness responds:

i don't take this review as a negative one i know this style has been done over and over again i didn't make it to try and be original and different trust me lol. But like you said before although some are tired of this theme the majority still aren't so thats why i made it :D and it was just a fun project to work on altogether so if i can get a laugh out of few people i'm happy lol. thx for the review

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Dec 18, 2008
10:21 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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