Endless Shooter

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My first game so its kinda sucky. Right now its just shooting till you die

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Has Potential

That was pretty fun for awhile, but it needs work. You've gotten a solid foundation set up for a potentially great game. I hope you keep working on it and submit it later. If you do decide to do that, here are a few suggestions for improvement:

Further increase the weapon power and type. Being able to being able to increase the weapon power is a great idea. Keep making the power bonuses stack up. For example, first start off with one stream of bullets (like you already did) increase to two streams of bullets (again, like you already did) and a third stream after another power pickup. Then when the next bonus is picked up, maybe one stream of rockets, increasing to two streams after the next pickup, etc.

That being said, various opponents would be nice. Not just all one plane with one strength. Maybe some planes that take more hits (making the improved weapons necessary) and that shoot better weapons (like slow moving guided missiles that you have to shoot in order to stay alive). Also, if you add music and sound effects, that would make it much better. Perhaps some different levels, and a storyline as well.

Just some suggestions if you decide to continue this project. I hope to see the next version come out!

gta0004 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm going to make the final one somewhat like that, this is just like a practice for me


not a terrible sidescroller, but you NEED both music and sound effects for this genre of game, also, you may want to check, but it seems theres also a bug in which some planes cannot be shot down.

incomplete game.should have been submitted to alfa

This would have been worthy to be in the "shooter" section, but is woefully incomplete.

you have dozens and dozens of power-ups, but your gun only has 2 levels of power and you have only one life.

The "enemy fire" is essentially just making the enemies extra long. You might as well just tell players "don't run into anything."

I love it

its so simple but i love it! I also like how you included that you have to shoot the enemies bulleets and upgrades.

A decent first game.

Although not perfect, it's still a good attempt. A few suggestions:

- Sounds/music
- Fix collision detection (it's a bit off, I move the ship near the rays and I die)

Another thing I noticed was the non-stop turret firing. But still, good job.

gta0004 responds:

The collision is a little but off because i cut out the images in photoshop. I tried to make the canvas size as near the ships as possible and thats as good as i can get it.

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2008
9:32 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight