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Drastic Plastic

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Found under my bed after 12 years, my favourite childhood toy of competitive custom robot bashing! When I brushed the dust off the lid and carefully lifted it off, to my great surprise the years had transformed it into a Flash game! What are the chances, eh? So here I present to you "Drastic Plastic!", another collab between me and Dim of the Super Flash Bros. Have fun!


Kinda easy

I could beat all of them without getting hit but the game itself was made great, just if there's a next time make it a bit harder ^^;


The shark robot was harder than the boss robot, really. It took too long for the final robot to attack. All i had to do was hit retreat hit retreat untill he was dead. I also wish this was real, one million dollars for rockem sockem robots? hell yes.

Nice game. but...

Why is dorsal dent harder than the final boss? Why can I easily predict when the final boss is gonna hit me?


When i got to the final boss I thought it would be very difficult, and well, I managed to kill him in my first try, but the first levels where more dificult than the last one

Good Job

i beat this game w/o powerups

yeah... it's fairly easy but a bit time consuming. just retreat, hit twice, retreat quickly, hit twice, rinse, repeat, and win

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