Metal slug total war!#3

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So, this is my newest video. in the mean time of the question i asked at the end of the video i am going to be making a drawn movie rather then a sprite movie. It's going to be (hopefully) epic! Enjoy this vid. Only the fans can make #4 of the series come to life!


that's it?!!!!!1

that was fast...

Not bad.

Although the sprites DID look tiny, the overall look was cool. And audio wise 1) while I kinda liked the song in and of itself, it didn't seem to "fit" the flash (and if you're not a fan of or even HATE dance music....) and 2) there weren't the accompanying gunshot/explosion sound efx to round out the visuals.

For these flaws, this would be an incredible flash. BUT, as it stands, this is pretty good.

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the music was bad. the text was unreadable for the mpost part... a bad color choice. I am curious about your sequel being dran rather then sprites. PLEASE add sound effects. If you nee help with sound effects i might be able to help you a bit. But i feel if you add sound effects this would be so much better. Machine guns and explosions galore!


The animation was choppy in alot of places.....so I hope you'll take the time and work on your animating.
The font color was too bright so I was barely able to read the dialogue.
To be honest the whole flash was basically pointless; since there wasn't a strong story, and no sound effects.


Overall lokked good, but there were a few things that kinda bothered me, first, the music didn't really match a war scene, also, the lettering was ver close colorwise to the background, so some people may have to strain their eyes to see it. Also, you may want to add the gun sound effects.

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Dec 18, 2008
2:04 PM EST