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Dementia Madness

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Hey everyone, this is dementia madness! I hope you enjoy it, even after the long load. (Sorry about that) Please vote 5 and enjoy!

Please submit to the Madness Collection!


PS. I know the replay button doesn;t work. Just use the one on the Vcam.


Somewhat inconsistent...

In regards to animation, that is. The beginning is really high-contrast, when compared to the end. It was however, pleasing to the eyes. I loved all the characters and how unique they were - ranging from fruits, to animals, to pillow fluffers. The effects were nuts and the underwater scene blew me away. I really liked how fluid and green-tinged everything was. You really outdid yourself this time, mang. Come on MSN and we'll talk more.

Also, eat your frosted flakes or I'll get Oprah on your ass.

Psychojester53 responds:

Okay I will eat them1!!!!!!!

Also I was on till 3am last night waiting for you, lol.

oh god

that was great and worth th long wait. there was just ONE sall part where it was kinda slow. but its still very good, great job

Psychojester53 responds:

Which part was that?

Excellent work, like all urs.=D

I think the animation was a little bad and it was short a little, but it wuz excellent the characters look crazy and funny, and all looked weird and stupid, I think u should can make a sequel that in the one u can put if the protagonist revives or something and u can put more weird heads.XD
Oh, well that's all, continue making wood works.=D

Psychojester53 responds:

The animation isn't bad, it's laggy if you use anything other than firefox though (Unless your pc is a pile of shit) thanks for the review.

yea its dementia allright.

this totally represents its name. the heads were fucked up. in a good way. this is a whole new type of madness movie. original, and fresh. the movements were great, and the blood was fucking gory. the details and shading on the heads of each character were done great, and with precision. it didn't take that long to load. people who complain about loading time need to shut the fuck up and get better internet. this should have gotten a higher score. well i voted 5 on this. good luck with whatever your thinking of making next.

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Psychojester53 responds:

Thanks man

Woah. Holy. Fuck.

That was just 1st class animation I just saw there. The music fitted every well wit hteh whole animation and for me Tom's music stopped just as he entered the gas room, awesome timing. The animation was simple but unique and cool, and i loved the FBF you squeezed in there. I loved the head boberty and Alpha drew, quite entertaing.

Loved it make more kk bai.

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4.32 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2008
10:36 AM EST