There She Is!! final step

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This is the last episode of "There She Is!!" series.
I'm very happy for that I can completed this series as I thought.

"There She Is!!" was not a series when I make first one.
I didn't have any plan to make this as a series.
I surprised at all the letters, reviews, cheers, donations, fan arts and the others!!
It make me to draw more "There She Is!!".

So, thank you very much to NG, Tom, and all fans.
Thank you for giving me happy 5 years.

I hope you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! final step - Imagine"

(12/20) ======================
Thank you very much for the front page!! (so fast @_@)
Thank you very much for all the reviews!!
Thank you very much for all the score!!

... My English is useless like this time. All I can say is "Thank you very much!!" ;;;
Anyway, Thank you very much NG and all reviewers!!


Great end to a great series

I reviewed Part 4 when it first came out, so I am a fan of There She Is. When the final part came out I was like "YAY I've been waiting for this for months!" So I opened it up and started viewing it, it started out really nice and sweet, then later when the rock music started playing, the sudden joy filled in, I felt excited all the way and I wanted to keep on watching. I loved it when Doki and Nabi (wow I remember the names) hugged near the end, it made me feel like "BEST MOMENT EVER!". It almost made me cry and how superb the ending was

The Music choice for this one was great because, like all the previous ones, it fits the mood of the animation perfectly.

Now seeing all five, it amazes me on how SamBakZa are awesome at doing series, they only did one other animation but that was removed. What makes them so great was how well they did at gradually making it from a comedy to a full romance animation while keeping fully to a storyline and not make it on one side of the table (meaning not to happy, seeing how good step 4 was). The animation is even more impressive, with the 3D effects used very well and not just there because it is possible.

I might be talking nonsense, but what I'm trying to say is that the There She Is series are superb, it looks like it would be on DVD in the future, though unsure about SamBakZa's future plans I won't keep my hopes high. It's a shame that this is the final one, it makes me sad.

This is my final word and this to me a while to write down: "Amalloc, Song. Songhwa and Sogong, members of SamBakZa. What you brought was a series of epic masterpieces that touched so many peoples hearts. Thank you! Good luck with your future!".

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this was exelent and tx109 it was a cat and bunny not mouse

there are no words...

... that can describe how much i love this series!

Incredible ending, so powerful...
My favourite flash series ever

much respect

so. bloody. briliant

I dont know what youre getting paid/donations for your work but whatever it is, it isnt enough. ._.
You are a genius. Really touching. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

i fucking love u

u have seriously changed the face of flash, ur awesome skills, imagination.. u have completely inspired me. so touching, i love this series..

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Dec 18, 2008
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