Armed with Wings 2

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EDIT: Thank you Tom for the frontpage!!! You too, are Armed with Wings....

Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Armed with Wings.

Journey across 5 worlds, do battle with 5 bosses, seize the Blades of Eden and use its destructive power too your success in this enormous game.

An enormous amount of work went into making this game. I hope you all enjoy it. Instructions are ingame.



could have been a little smother but great job


good, but jumping shoudnt take so long, u should fix that

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good game

whats the song for windy valley?


Very enjoyable, love the style. Good choice of moves and interesting storyline for a flash game. Definately my favourite flash side scroller.

My main criticism would be to change the jump mechanics - My suggestion would be to use the up key for a simple jump, and hold the down key for the charged up jump. Increasing the air control a little might also be nice. I found some of the platform jumping levels slightly frustrating.
What also added to the frustration was restarting after a death - (this is a very minor point!) but having to move back to the mouse when the rest of the game is keyboard based and the amount of time from death to restart was annoying (although the death animation is good!)

Cheers for the excellent game however!

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Awesome game

Jumping was a bit difficult sometimes, but that didnt ruin the game imo.

I love the graphics and storyline. I just love the fighting style the main character has. too bad there werent too many enemies, though that could be because I had it on medium :P. wanted more enemies to hack and slash.
I liked the music a lot too. it fits the game perfectly.

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
10:02 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler