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Catalina Menson

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This is my first attempt at a animation. it was done as a final for my animation class. its a short (very short) animation about a young girl obsessed with the book "Twilight".

I'm a filmmaker at the Art Institute of SF so if you would like to check out some of my shorts or see the trailer for my recent first full length film check out my youtube profile:

www.youtube.com/users/rut 8norm

Aliyah Cline voices Catalina Menson

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this was a good flash, very wierd, but good. i think that the person who voiced catalina was perfect, just fit the role perfectly, the graphics were good too, but the cat coughing up a mouses head... strange, hairballs are fine but dead animals heads........ but plz contribute to newgrounds in the future i like your style and skill

Rut8norm responds:

i appreciate it. this took a long time to make though, so i dont know if ill be contributing anything anytime soon. we'll see. i wish i could have made it longer. i view this as the first scene of her story, but flash is such a time consuming thing that i don't know if ill be making the rest...

oh my god!!!

this is great. haha i couldnt stop laughing. really creepy and Aliyah was great haha.


Rut8norm responds:

i like how you got an account just to review it dylan. haha. but thanks.

Not funny

I'm sorry I can see what you're trying to get at but it still wasn't funny. It was CREEPY.

Strange cliffhanger.

Good animation, but no revealing ending. Although I'm sure you had to face time constraints, being in a class. Good first try, anyhow. P.S.: How did you reverse engineer the preloader bar to reverse itself? Redundant, I know.

Rut8norm responds:

i actually have no idea. haha. i threw it in there to help with a snyc issue i was having. for some reason it decides to play at the end of the animation. your guess is as good as mine.

is this really your first flash?

This was fantastic for a first flash! Great animation, just great work. you have a lot of potential. Hope to see more of your flash soon.

Rut8norm responds:

yeah it really is my first flash. haha. im more into filmmaking, but animation is a required course in our program. i wish i could have made it much longer, but it just couldnt happen unfortunetely.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
8:12 PM EST

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