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This game is an experiment in how flash handles physics. I wanted to build something visually pleasing (even to just let it sit and watch the drones wander). The immense number of calculations going on at one time caused the minimalist approach with respect to artwork.
WASD to move, P to pause, Q cycles through quality

EDIT: Audio does not currently seem to be working. Please do not judge me down on this; I'm trying to solve the problem.

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Pretty cool

First off, thanks for using my song! I don't really see how it fits though, menu music? I think the other song is great for this. (Hope you get the audio fixed)

I like this game, it could use some improvement though.

*The menu is very well done and professional looking, I think the simplicity works well
*I like the color scheme and the graphics, they're pretty smooth
*Gameplay is super fast paced and simple, great time waster

*The game doesn't really go anywhere, and it seems like you can only loose in the end
*The difficulty increases really slowly, I was playing for 16 minutes until I lost (it got hard really fast at the end, weird) I think it would be good if it got hard pretty fast before it gets boring.


It's chunky and there isn't any contrast between the drones and the background...

It would have been better if they were white perhaps.

Pretty cool idea.

Taking your sound issue into account I ignored that part of the game for my review, and honestly after screwing with it a while I stopped caring about there being no sound. I think it's a great idea for a nice time waster that should remain soundless or at least when you get the sound to work be sure to add a mute option for the music and sound FX. I recommend separate buttons or option for music and SFX. I think it would be cooler to play around with this thing with a set of objectives and maybe more diversity in the 'drone' types. Perhaps a button that 'eats' the drones or 'assimilates' the drones. I don't know it's really at such a state that the sky's the limit. I hope to see a finished, slightly revised version soon. Thanks for posting this experiment I can't wait to see this project in its completed form!

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
7:14 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional