Beat Back The Kitten

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Today I had no school so I visited NG getting really pissed by the submissions of the so called Duck Devision. How can it be that such stupid and hateful stuff can pass the portal? (It's not even well animated) So I took some time creating a short to deal with such racist stuff.

Have fun. :D


Even a few days after submitting this movie there are still some people watching and voting high for it. Thanks for this to everyone! =D


I agree

People vote well for the KK only because they think it'll pass so they could get their blams and saves up. The problem is that everyone thinks that.

GroggyLobster responds:


Very good!!

I hope the Duke kills all the spammers!

GroggyLobster responds:

i hope it either. KEEP THE PORTAL CLEAN!!!

i hate kitty krew.

i just hate the kittry krew its soo gay i like this flash but like the kitty was like doing nothing you ahould of had him hit the dude once and then the dude kick ass!

GroggyLobster responds:

just my opinion: don't give 'em a chance. VOTE 0!!!

The KK is the not good peoples ..

For beeing the cats in the real life. They continues to hurt the inucents of .....
The jolly candies kingdoms of the Newgrounds.

Kitty Krews is vely bad and shourd not be given scraps of the meats from old Sakana that the MewMews gets.

MewMews Says:

Its the okay movie but make the longer and MewMew will come again later and she will review for you.

You do great justice by sumbittings this as this will save the Jolly candy Gumdrop Newglounds Kingdoms. MewMews salutes the you for you hardu work. :D

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GroggyLobster responds:

for that the jolly candies kingdoms of newgrounds may stay clean of racist flashes and users.

pretty awesome

I liked the flash alot, and I love speakonia voices lol, but I was reading
through the authors comments that you made on this flash, and you
mention Point Seclusion, you know {PS}, I was the head mod over
there, and I think you mighta been fooled by the KK, they were submitting
false {PS} entries that were all spammy, most of the actual {PS} submittions
were of a better standard, but it doesnt matter anymore, {PS} is dead
and we are starting a new group that will be 100% focused on Quality
submittions, just thought I would set you straight on that, and besides
that, MAKE HOW TO BEAT BACK A FAGGOT lol, for the fagot federation

GroggyLobster responds:

thx! further stuff will come...

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4.02 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
6:08 PM EST