Beat Back The Kitten

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Today I had no school so I visited NG getting really pissed by the submissions of the so called Duck Devision. How can it be that such stupid and hateful stuff can pass the portal? (It's not even well animated) So I took some time creating a short to deal with such racist stuff.

Have fun. :D


Even a few days after submitting this movie there are still some people watching and voting high for it. Thanks for this to everyone! =D


SO you did this all today?

nice, very short, but good for something you did in one day, And I agree in your vewis on portal spamming

GroggyLobster responds:

hey thanks. and finally someone who appreciats my efforts to finish this in one day! ;D thanks and VOTE 0!

Needs to be improved, good submission though

On a related note, I do agree with you about the spam on the portal. That was actually well animated, and even though the intro was a bit annoying because of the voices and lack of talking animation, I did like the part with the fight with the kitty.

You could make this submission longer and more entertaining and further improve upon your animation.

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GroggyLobster responds:

a word to the intro: i hate clock voices, but my mike is out of order and i wanted to finish it this evening, so i had to use speakonia to give the prologue some "audiologue" (is that aword???) aspects.

thanks for your review.

Not bad, but...

There's a few factual errors here. The Kitty Krew didn't start spam, not by a long shot. Heck, spam's been around as long as the Portal has, or close enough to it. And the KK (of which I was, for a brief period, a member, though I never spammed the Portal) is no longer the main source of spam on NG. So yeah.

On the bright side, this Flash is not at all a bad one. It's fairly well animated (not Brackenwood-quality, but then again not much is), it's to the point (you don't like spam, that's obvious), and it has an explanation for those who don't "get" what you're going for.

Fairly well animated, gets to the point, like I said above.

A few factual errors, like I pointed out, and it's also too short. I'd like to see the cat at least try to fight back, too.

OK, I guess. Not bad, but not amazing.
3/5, 6/10.

GroggyLobster responds:

yeah, you are right. i could have spend more time animating it but i wasn't trying to create an epic movie, just something to say "hello, there are rascists on this page spreading their 'gas all jews', 'f*ck da 'n*gg*rs' nonsense. DO SOMETHING AGAINST THIS!"

a word to the factual errors: you are right the KK didn't invent spamming but they put almost always a xenophobic message in their movies or adding an author's comment like "all n****rs die!". With spamming i mean these hateful contents.

thanks for your review.

Very good!!

I hope the Duke kills all the spammers!

GroggyLobster responds:

i hope it either. KEEP THE PORTAL CLEAN!!!

I agree

People vote well for the KK only because they think it'll pass so they could get their blams and saves up. The problem is that everyone thinks that.

GroggyLobster responds:


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4.02 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
6:08 PM EST