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This is my first simple mouse avoid game. But sadly, I don't know how to disable right click :( And it's fairly easy to complete this game. If someone likes it, I will make more levels :) Enjoy!

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Not bad but not too original, and it could use some "polish"

Chzz responds:

I will try to make a new version with better graphics, more levels, checkpoints, a timer and so on. Thanks for the review :)

Sweet game.

It gets good at level 3 with the vertical scrolling. You should make it so you can start on the level you died on, that would be nice.

Chzz responds:

Yeah but it only have 5 levels, so it would be to easy. Thanks for the review :)


the game was alright but needs ALOT of improvement,
a: lives, i mean i only got to level 3 and a timer comes up on my screen and i was thinking what the hell was happening then i find out im dead
b: more clear instructions, you may know you r game but loads of other people don't
c: the bends are not proper bends and are very narrow
d: why didn't you find out the right click disabling button on the internet before posting, posting the full on flash is easier than little bits

but its not rubbish or great so its "OK" and smart placing of the buttons.

Chzz responds:

a: There are only 5 levels, so it shouldn't be a big pain to start over.
b: I have now included instructions.
c: I've tried.
d: All the faqs I found didn't work.

Thanks for the review :)


the games pretty good for a first try but you really need to work on the mouse click cheat it makes it to easy

Chzz responds:

Yeah, I tried to find out how. And if I do, I will make another version. Thanks for the review :)

need more

i like these games, i wanna help you. 1: maybe you can add a checkpoint at every lvl you pass. 2: better music if its possible. succes:)

Chzz responds:

Thanks for the review :) But are you saying my music is bad?! Just kidding xD