Unconfidential: Episode 1

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Though this episode has been around, I decided to add a little bit to it. My next episode is in the works, and will be out shortly.

In this Pilot episode, Jimmy Tumbles gets news that he is getting a partner...Rookie Det. Heart.
Together they must try and stop a serial killer Tran-sexual.

Reviews and feedback are important. Please let me know whether or not I should continue this as a series.

Also added a new song at the end credits, be sure to listen to that and follow the link to my music page.

Thanks! Have fun!


reminded me of south park

ofcource you should keep on with this series. just improve the lip syncing and eye movements rest is awesome.

You Should Make Another.

I thought it was really good, the artwork was decent, and it was hilarious at times; the Carlos Mencia thing was funny as hell. The one thing that bothered me during the video, was peoples pupils wandered off their eyes sometimes, I'm not sure why but it annoyed me a bit. I think that you should definitely continue this as a series. I'm looking forward to seeing the next. 8/10

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funny and original

I won't lie to you in the sense that the animation was a little rough but it was still a great submission, the style of humor reminded me of south park and the joeks were short, sharp and sweet. Definately looking forward to the next one.

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Funny as hell, looks a bit better than the last time I saw it. Your style reminds me a lot of south park.

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DAMN Dat Was Funny!! Make Moar ok!??

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3.35 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
3:15 AM EST
Comedy - Original