Sleigh Rider

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Help Santa deliver all of his presents in time for Christmas Eve! Move the sledge around with the arrow keys, drop a present by pressing the space bar. Be sure to only drop presents in the green zones, after 4 missed presents it's game over, every time you miss a zone you lose points!

This is my little Christmas project, coded and drawn in 4 days.

PS1, unless you have the motor skills and reflexes of an 85-year old you'll probably find that the game is too simple... So yeah, sorry for that.

PS2, Merry Christmas NG!

Edit 1: The game runs smoother if you play it in the pop-up window. Alternatively you can set the quality through the right-click menu. There's also a handy little mute option in there.


dis is awesomz

wat he said

Perfect Timing

I enjoyed the simplicity of this game, and the difficulty ramp as the game speeds up and the green shrinks.

I don't have a problem with the present physics - leading the drops is all part of the game, later on you have to lead by more than half a screen to hit the target!

Hint: Use your mouse cursor to mark a spot on he screen so when the green passes you drop a present - this helps with consistent leading later on in the game.


Decent skill game, nice seasonal game to play and nicely done. The music is simple but a good addition to this project. Overall well done.

As mentioned, easy

You really don't have to move the sleigh at all, just get low as possible and drop. What would change that and make it a bit more interesting is probably throw in some sky objects to avoid like a plane that'll cost you a life or a bird that'll slow your sleigh down or a visible gust of wind that might drag your present drop farther back. Maybe even a spotlight to avoid from being caught by journalist or something. Other than that, i liked it. simple and nice.


Gets you right into the Christmas spirit! It has cool, yet simple animation and a good music loop. The DDR ratings such as "Not Bad" were also good. If I had to make suggestions, I would work on the timing of the present drop. Now I know presents won't fall straight from the sky, but the curve could be improved. This also leads me to more ideas: Make levels. 4 presents or less busted per level would have been easier to achieve. As levels got harder, you could do four things...
1. Continue to make the green zones smaller (which you did, Awesome!)
2. Make taller and shorter buildings...make it possible to crash/easier to crash. It would up the difficulty.
3. Change wind dirrection. If you wanted to make it really hard, put a wind sock at the bottom- show the wind dirrection. Then, the presents dropping would be easier to predict where it would land. This would also get harder...start flat, then add wind resistance or assistance.
4. If you made levels, you could go around the world...Each level is a different part of the world...building variation/scenery change.

This game was neat, but not extensive. If you wanted to make a longer project, I think the 4 suggestions I gave could be of use. Great job!


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3.26 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
1:06 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight