Black Knight:Insurrection

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Use a Knights move to kill the King and collect the star.
Use left mouse button to select a square and move.


Excellent! I can't get enough!

This is one tremendously awesome game. I've never been much good at chess, but taking the idiosyncratic moves of chess pieces and making a puzzle game out of them was a brilliant idea. The game is difficult enough to make it worth playing, but not so frustrating that it causes more stress and anxiety than fun. I especially like the touch of letting your knight change his movement patterns, and making you use that as part of your strategy.

In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by having 40 levels of gameplay to complete...too many games have a great concept and only have 10 levels before it's over. This is really one of the best puzzle games I've played this year!

10 - The Walrus Seal of Excellence

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a very good game! i personally enjoyed this game very much!
- good animation
- good gameplay
- nice "twist" of classical chess
- Very addicting gameplay

an overall very good game
10/10 5/5

Keep it up!

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A pleasant surprise!

Now this is a great game! I was initially a little hesitant about a game where you control one piece and one piece only. I thought it would have become a little tedious and boring at points but man, way to prove me wrong.

Incidentally, I would like applaud you for your choice of the "hero" piece. The knight is probably one of the most versatile AND interesting piece for this game. Had you picked any other piece, the game would not have worked. but because you picked the knight, it all just worked out great.

the puzzles themselves are pretty easy at first, but at later levels man get difficult. one thing I have a problem with is figuring out the provoke step from each piece. A little bit of hint instead of forcing me to experiment would have made this a little smoother. Still, it's only a minor thing and I'm sure some people enjoy exploring and figuring out the provoke patterns themselves.

Good job!




Simple and Fun!
Challenge your skill!
Very Very love it!
Thank you!

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
11:45 AM EST
Puzzles - Other