Black Knight:Insurrection

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Use a Knights move to kill the King and collect the star.
Use left mouse button to select a square and move.


Very Good

Well made. Gameplay, graphics and all!
But I'm having the same problem as MeNobody. On level 15, neither one of the other pieces are provoked when I attempt to provoke them.. but I did change movement patterns twice or three time before attempting to provoke them. Maybe a programming glitch?
Anyhow, very good. Thank you for this game.

i just wish every game had an awesome start menu..

the first time i got killed by the helpless king i felt like an UTTER N00B but i love the game, killing that bastard king from behind felt great. especially after his IDIOT BODYGUARD PAWNS took me out once too often. nice work

great concept, but needs some work

loved what your trying to do. i didnt like how the knight cud not go through pieces that were in it's way like real chess. also, and im entirely sure about this one, but i think if there was two bishops they cud be o the same diagnols which completely changes the game unlike real chess. one more thing i think the knight should change into whatever piece its moving like, to limit some confusion.

Pretty good!

I like this game, you've got to really think about what you do at some points and just jumping around randomly will rarely get you anywhere.
However, after playing for a while, I find that when I lose a level more than twice, I'll quit the game and not come back for a few days.
Argument against the reviewer below me (mugin121) - it's clearly a chess-based game, if you're not into strategy then chances are you won't like it.
This is a very original game and I hope there's a Black Knight 2 coming up!

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good idea but it is lacking something...

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
11:45 AM EST
Puzzles - Other