Black Knight:Insurrection

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Use a Knights move to kill the King and collect the star.
Use left mouse button to select a square and move.



I got to say I enjoyed every minute I played this.


Now this is a game. In "Black Knight-Insurrection" you assume the role of the Knight chess piece which moves in an "L" shape. The goal of each level is to get to the star that either starts off onscreen (levels 1-3) or appears in a predetermined position after killing the King (Levels 4-40).
All chess pieces except the knight make an appearance as enemies as the game progresses although movement is limited to 2 spaces for Queens, Rooks, and Bishops. Otherwise, movement for all pieces is true to chess (with the exception of the "en passant" move).
Now for the gameplay. It's definitely an original game, the maps are all different making you employ various types of strategies and the learning curve is perfect. Maps can contain locks and keys, buttons, and/or teleporters. The lock/key combo and buttons all serve the same purpose of adding more squares to the playable area while teleporters (obviously) teleport you to another teleporter. In addition to the aspects of the board which change the playing area, there are squares with the symbol for rook, knight, king, queen, or bishop. By stepping on these your movement changes to whatever icon is indicated on the square.
The first 11 or 12 levels essentially spell out what you need to do, then the levels can be played differently. The late teens is where the game really picks up and most of the levels won't ever be played out similarly between two people. The actions of the AI consist of moving to not get captured, capturing you, or moving around in a seemingly random pattern regardless of their proximity to you. This makes it impossible to make a walkthrough for the game so you are actually required to think.

The only con to this game is that you cannot tell which way a pawn is facing. A pawn's movement is dependent on the direction it's facing so I found that to be a little annoying.

For all you people that can't figure out level 15:
Do not get the key first. Kill the rook close to you, then make your way down by the rook near the king and get him to move away.

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I just loved this game...


It is a great puzzle game. The graphics were smooth and neat, the concept of being able to be different pieces was great and made it just that much more entertaining. Overall 10/10. Keep it up.

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Know were talkin

This is the best puzzle game ever!!!!!And now i am better at chess

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Dec 16, 2008
11:45 AM EST
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