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As said in the description, this is a small game to help my guildies learn how to avoid/move on the Sartharion fight. Its VERY basic and fairly easy right now. Am working on additional bits to make it more realistic and ofc... At one point I will put proper graphics in ;) But I'm more of a coder so prefer getting that bit out of the way first.

Next version I'm hoping to have the player bash buttons (their main abilitys) during the moving so it makes it more realistic. Up to 5 abilitys and rolespecific (healer, dps, tank).

The sound you hear is from Tattoo in Fantasy Island. Why? Cause Tsubasa sounds like him when announcing waves :o

If you keep succeeding the game will not end. It has no cake or cookie at the end. No reward. Just don't fail!

Any feedback is welcome. You'll probably find some bugs too but this was made in a short time.

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How about adding the lava streak on the ground where ranged is supposed to stand. Melee also needs to practice staying away from tail swipe, cleave, and flame breath when the tank swings the boss and usually you have somebody calling left or right. Don't think there are void zones just that if you go a certain distance away you get a debuff. And the adds that come.

Almeidacorp responds:

Well this version was ment for my guild to practise moving from voids while dodging the flame wall so the positioning isnt that accurate. If my guild or people show enough interrest then I might expand it. And ofc if free time allows it ;)

Oh and there is voids with a specific drake up, can't think of which one right now though.

Thanks for review!


well, its a start, i hope you succeed on the next of this game, still a 7

Almeidacorp responds:

If my guild or people show enough interrest then I might expand it. And ofc if free time allows it ;)

Thanks for review!

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4.53 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
9:38 AM EST

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