Alien Hunter - FOG

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Hunt some aliens in this futuristic space-age game. Shoot the aliens and clear the infestation!

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this game does not have a bug the money is supposed to go down when you are out of time. you are supposed to throw a grenade ate the brown holes the monsters come out of. press 'E' to throw a grenade and mouse to aim and shoot and W,A,S,D to move. great game faved 5/5 10/10

Good game, Poor difficulty

Nice game but it was definately way to easy...basically just use your grenades to take out all the holes except one...then just sit there and hold down the mouse until time is up and pop the last hole...once you get enough money for the UZI its game over...then I got the Chaingun and the game froze up and they guy just sat there throwing an endless stream of grenades so I dont know if there was an ending...all in all i dont know if that was a one time thing, I dont want to do it all again to find out.

heres a strategy

(this strategy can only be used when u got a uzi or an assault riffle)bomb the holes using all ur grenades but dun bomb the last hole,then quickly kill the enemies as fast as u can using the the machine gun u just bought then after u killed all enemies,quickly aim and shoot the hole using the machine gun...when the enemies come out from the last hole,they will only be killed by ur bullets when ur aimming at the hole,keep doing this until the time is running out,then bomb the last hole and kill the remaining enemies using the grenades u got from the enemies.....

Why has no-one noticed how buggy it is?

This would be so cool but it doesn't work properly! When the time is up my money starts going down and I just keep fighting the aliens. Is there something I'm meant to do? If so please tell us! Also when I click on Menu then Main Menu nothing happens! WTF!

decent game

but one thing you should fix is that it dont work to shut of the sound

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
6:45 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional