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Zen Cola

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Annnnd this would be my first flash project ever. And my first animation other than three animated gifs ever. And my first bear that's so cute I can't stand it... must draw something involving chainsaws next...

For an Art Institute of Portland final.

Music: "Fruity Oaty Bars" Instrumental from "Serenity."


I want some Cola!

I just ave a 10 2 make up 4 the other reviews, beacause all though it may be a bit choppy, it's hard to make the characters move in complex ways to make it look real. If you added more frames, it would have an alienish movement that wouldn't make sense because animal-human figures don't have the flexibility to do that. And it gets boring to spend sooo much time on 1 flash animation and all, especially with Pivot. I don't know if you used that though because you'd have to have an extended background and most people don't think of that. So overall, :D. I want a Cola!

Not bad

Nice, artwork, the animation could have been smoother.

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jazmyne979 responds:

Thanks... yeah, you're right, it could... I dunno why it's choppy; it shouldn't be... but then i'm new to flash. heh.

Not bad at all...

Great commercial;) I'm going to buy it! The movment is not smooth though, or maybe it's my connection.

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jazmyne979 responds:

No... it's not, and I haven't figured out why. It *shouldn't* be... but meh. Thank you though!

Nice drawings, needs more fps

Nice drawings in this one, realy. the bear is cute and all.

However it needs more frames per second as the animation is very choppy.
It's a chore to do so, but it would be worth it. Also I gather it is possible to cheat a bit by making computergenerated inbetweens*. Check it out :)

*But I'm no animator so take it with a pinch of salt.

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jazmyne979 responds:

Y'know, seriously... there are no gaps between those walking frames. It slows down when playing and I haven't figured out why. Go figure... Even where there are inbetweens (everywhere else) it slows down like that.

Not a bad ad

is it for an actual company, or just made up?

jazmyne979 responds:

Just made up... was for a class project. I picked the soda name, but the four seasons bit was predetermined. The rest of the story is mine.

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2.85 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
5:53 AM EST