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Reiko - Yule Tide

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Little Reiko is dreaming of a wet Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

Contemplating Reiko is a series of comic strips and flash animations about a cute little demon girl. There's lots more Reiko stuff at Tainted-Ink.com including free Christmas ecards you can send to friends and enemies alike!

Happy Horrordays!

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Quite sadistic

I should have expected something from a sadistic little demon girl. The best part in this was how it had such an innocent appearance to it at first with Reiko looking like she was on a simple playground object. The music at the end is fairly haunting too. I love how Reiko has a really good voice that seems to just be what a normal girl would sound like if she was a sadist. That is, a sadist who actually got to live out her fantasies. I liked the animation used at the end with the water, easily the best part.

While fairly brief, single gag submissions are alright with most of us. Let us hope Reiko manages to get all the toys she wants this year. I am now noticing how red is often used in a normal black and white world. It gives off a good sense of madness. Santa is also drawn really well and he better spill the beans soon.

Ummm just asking.....

Isn't sadism like a psychological disorder??...And wats the term when you enjoy pain infliction on yourself?? Coz i unusualy laugh when i'm in pain sooo yah...>.<

Yule Tide

These are so funny. It's a shame nothing has been submitted to NG for nearly two years. Well, I guess I'll see if they have any more on the Tainted Ink site!


It is really cool!


LAST CHANCE FATMAN WHERE ARWE THE TOYS......... WRONG ANSWER omg shes socutewhen she saythose things