jesus party

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I made this animation with great affection

even so my mother did not like ...
Look mom front page :J

thanks Tom :>

check my Latest News

and download the gif of Jesus dance


what the hell

what the hell is with these commentors and religion, you idiots actually think that shit is true. this was an excellent flash, very funny and well made kudos to peixeaquatico. MikeTheOriginal, open your eyes and don't give a 5 just because of your "religion" and it was "disrespectful."

good animation

the devil got the crhistmas spirit and gave jesus a party
what is beter than that?

Love it

haha, dude... one of the funniest things I've seen in a looooong time.

and to the guy below me... just shut the hell up... I'm sick of everyone saying that crap. I'm a christian, but yet I believed in santa claus at a young age, because it's fun, its a fun little legend of a fat jolly man riding around in a sleigh giving presents to all the good girls and boys, it's not disrespecting God, or whatever the fuck you're talking about, it's nothing more than a fun little tale told to children at a young age to make them behave. So shut the fuck up, cool down, and keep your damned opinions to yourself.

But yeah, great flash, 10/10, f/f


The guy below mw needs to chill out merry xmass!

ahh.. funny but seemingly disrespectful

hope it wasn't your intention...

and for the guy below me, santa clause is a mockery, when jesus is not on earth the beard is white, the hair is white, the robes are white, and god is known to give gifts and love to all who come to him

santa clause on the other hand was something made up in disrespect of god, going around to houses giving presents, and having white hair, being fat and using magic, if you said satan you'd be about 100% correct

especially when it's told to every little kid there is and honestly made to be believed

complete blasphemy

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4.18 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
1:46 AM EST
Comedy - Original