jesus party

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I made this animation with great affection

even so my mother did not like ...
Look mom front page :J

thanks Tom :>

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and download the gif of Jesus dance



you guys, hes expressing freedom of speech. dont dis him for that, plus for all you know he could be jewish or islamic, or even buddists.

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Heh, that made me laugh. It was pretty good quality too, so good job. Typical religious flamers...

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I love it! I can see why the christians dont like it though, they're putting The worst and most holy ppl in the bible together as best friends, and showing Jebus smoking crack, drinking, etc, etc... Not saying i dont like it, but im saying i can see why some heavy christians will

Expected, but funny

This flash was well drawn, but poorly animated. It was still somewhat funny, I got a chuckle out of it just because it was Jesus, but slap any other character (original or ripped-off) and its just a combination of "Ren and Stimpy" and the "Awesome(Egoraptor)" art style. The "calmly waiting on an elevator with the cheesy music" bit was the most expected, but it still almost made me laugh. 3/5 from me. Quick side note: I am atheist, but I don't hate Jesus, God, or religion in general. I do hate the select group of "Holier-Than-Thou" religious types who preach "God created all men (and women) equal", then turn right around and stereotype everyone else around them who isn't exactly like them.


Not quite sure why people can't handle their religion being made fun of a little in this day and age. Guess theres a select few religious types who have a lot of growing up to do but meh.

Anyway it was entertaining
Just that, enjoyed. Laughed a bit seeing Jesus with a Pikachu keychain. Little bit more seeing him party hard (like we all deserve to, drink or not, and why not on a birthday?) No major guffaws though just little chuckles.

Animation was fluid and well done

Sound was a little irritating after a time but overall fit the theme of Jesus celebrating his supposed birthday date

Seven overall, good job, keep at it, lots of talent there

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4.18 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2008
1:46 AM EST
Comedy - Original