The Savior (battle)

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Why complete a dozen levels to face the end boss if you can go head-to-head right now!!

UPDATE : last two gem spawnrate was really very rare ( < 0.002%) we changed it to something more managable. The droprate should be around 5 - 10 percent now.

(thank you for the wonderfull feedback, allowing us to realize this)

WASD to move, J to attack. K to boost, L to limit break (depends on sword type) press spacebar to open the upgrade/stat menu ingame.



Really one of the better games I have played on NG.
Why go though the story line when you can just kill the boss.
But I do have a few complaints.
*Sometimes I could not pick up the gems ( This became a problem when it was the last gem I needed and couldn't get it.
* Also I still think the gem spawn rate is still too rare. It made it a real pain to upgrade your weapon.
* And the limit breaks should happen more often.
That's all I have to complain about....
As for the good things there are almost to many to count.
* Great game idea.
* Very well drawn out.
* Love the power ups and the leveling.
Now for some ideas and suggestions for The Savior 2.
* More bosses.
* Maybe make it so you can buy armor and make your player more customizable.
* More enemies and maybe make the game area bigger.
All in all a awesome game.
I hope this has been helpful.
Please come out with a number 2!

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great game

hard to get that jade gem.i finished hard with 0 jade and 8 darkness jem

strangly good...

for some reason i loved this game. it had no story, other levels, or more than 2 enemies. but this game is superb! one ting i have to say tho is that little mouse guy pisses me the hell off! he never gives you what you need only what you don't!

other than that nice animation skills my friend.

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Alot of it depends on hoisting your resources, gems, upgrading for a better blade at better versatile damage and dodging. I played this one medium, built up my def stats and hoarded gems and killed the little dudes. . .hint, dont try to aggravate that boss. After completing lvl 7 stats def 13, and strgth 11, I upgraded my blade that dealt massive uber damage. Overall, pretty challenging, you just need to maneuver and get around the game a little bit.


Very similar to Dark Cloud, Have you ever played it?

On the game itself, there's a few glitches, but overall it's a great game, can't wait for a sequel if there is one (hopefully with the levels :).

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2008
8:38 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS