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My entry for the first art competition on the Avalon Academy RPG forum:
www.avalontales.proboards 101.com

Based on a cell phone battle between Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White


Normal Copywright stuffs: I don't own Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White

The characters don't look like they're supposed to because as I said above, it's based on an RPG where we used different PBs for characters.
I wanted to make something really simple as the deadline for the mini competition was like, an hour after I finished it.
Animation was purposefully very very simple,
The cell phone message was based on a thread on the forum, if you're not on it then you probably wouldn't understand it, I just needed a place to upload it though (it's a great site btw, check it out ^^)
And I couldn't add sound coz I didn't have any way of recording unfortunately.

I'm NOT making a series, I just put number 1 in the title in case I needed to upload further mini entries.

Thanks to those who enjoy it though ^^


that was horrible...

that was horibble

I'd say...

The drawings were very good, even though they didn't resemble the original characters. However, I must say it was too short and didn't really fit in as a text war, I'd like to see how snow white would have replied.


that's harsh, 5/5!


The drawing is good, the style is pretty good. Animation is nearly not there, but that's not horrible, maybe you didn't have much time. I guess I just thought the subject was lame. I mean . . . Snow White ate an apple, so the choice of characters doesn't much make sense. Maybe if you picked Jack Horner. Also, I'm probably just too old and non-female to appreciate this. So I won't grade it down due to not liking it. You just lose some points for not animating movement and not having sound.


Little red hiding hood owned that bitch, nice flash I thought this was blam material, but the drawings were actually pretty good. Hated that there was no noise though, at least add some clicking sounds or something.

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1.89 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2008
6:05 PM EST
Comedy - Original