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Learn how to make a "Swift-Hop" in this small but informative tutorial. this may be small but it teaches you many things, test it out and rate it.



I've always wanted to do more programing. Shouldn't there be some type of terminator though? Even if you put in a number and it loads a page it still says "error, incorrect number:" and starts again. And I think the '5' should be a '%'.

Couldn't relate.

Sorry, but I just couldn't relate. I didn't really get it. I wouldn't have known the risks involved if I had actually tried to go through with it. They may have been too many and too great. It may have been impossible for me to accomplish in the first place. I'm sure it's interesting for people highly experienced in Flash, but for me... The truth is, I'm on a thirty-day trial for Flash CS4 Professional. I'm the epitome of a novice! Spread the word among our fellow Newgrounders, if you wish. Again, I apologize.

iamrunegecko responds:

... this isn't even flash...

Nice to see more tutorials

Could have been put together a bit better but all the info is there.. If info is power then ima bit stronger now lol.


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Generally speaking

Tutorials are meant for those who have either no clue or for those with a passing interest looking to learn more.

Yours provided no explanations about what strings do when you compiled or ran them, what and what you could apply said strings to do or why you would want to. Your heart may have been in the right place, but this just won't do.

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This can be a really handy thing for people who like playing around with batch files. but this tutorial is just really too short.

My tip is to create multiple tutorials and put them into one big flash so everybody has everything they need in a centralized place. like a tutorial on learning the basics of the batch codes

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Dec 15, 2008
4:10 PM EST