A Sonic Christmas Carol 1

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I originally intended to make this last year, but hey ho!

This is basically "A Christmas Carol" those of you who have seen the classic movie or even the Remake with Patrick Stewart or the Muppets will know the basic plot.
Things are a little different here so please read for some more info.

Sonic has left Tails on Christmas eve, because he suspects Dr.Robotnik will be plotting something evil for Christmas, but encounters a snow storm.

Please enjoy the movie, took around 4 days to make this, and there will hopefully be 2-3 more parts after this one.

Edit: I would have loved to have had Voice acting for this. However I couln't find anyone willing to help out.


So cool

really nice I wonder who the ghosts will be I have a feelin Shdow will be one of them.

Leviathan-Ran responds:

Now that's a little too predictable dont ya think? ;)


That flash was really good. I believe a good voice actor would have been nice, but the flash was done very well. You also have a nice story going on that I have never seen someone do with Sonic before. Can't wait for the future chapters. :)

Not Bad

The animation was actually quite good, and fitting for the story. Some voice acting would've been great, but some use of classic Sonic music and SFX made up for that (hopefully you'll continue using those in the next chapters). 4/5.

cool (hey same as last guy)

that was a great flash u did, i cant wait to see wat happens, since this is a sonic flash, the three ghosts will be different then what we see every year so make us expect the unexpected for the next flashes ok?

Leviathan-Ran responds:

The ghosts will be way different :)



That was really good from what I've seen so far. Waiting on chapter 2. Story was really good. (that guy below me, with the 2, who cares about the flapping mouths. it's a flash animation. let it go dude.) 4/5 and 8/10.

Leviathan-Ran responds:

Check out his account, he's a Troll pure and simple.
Thanks for the score comments and reviews!

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4.03 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2008
11:16 AM EST