A Sonic Christmas Carol 1

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I originally intended to make this last year, but hey ho!

This is basically "A Christmas Carol" those of you who have seen the classic movie or even the Remake with Patrick Stewart or the Muppets will know the basic plot.
Things are a little different here so please read for some more info.

Sonic has left Tails on Christmas eve, because he suspects Dr.Robotnik will be plotting something evil for Christmas, but encounters a snow storm.

Please enjoy the movie, took around 4 days to make this, and there will hopefully be 2-3 more parts after this one.

Edit: I would have loved to have had Voice acting for this. However I couln't find anyone willing to help out.


very cool

how this has only got a 3.95 i'll never know... this whuz one of the best flashes i've seen on ng and methinks you've got some really good flash skills. animation was smooth, graphics were sweet n neat, choice of music was well fittin... but you already knew that didn't you :3 i also respect you for not tryna include voice actors as sometimes they can ruin it a tad... any who... good work keep it up and potato to you sir!

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A Great Story With Superb Animation.

The flash had great animation and had very detailed graphics. It's interesting that the Tornado reached sonic speed as evidenced by the sonic boom noise and graphic.

In regards to the story and the plot, there is lots of room for expansion. It does seem a little like a prologue, rather than a full chapter. However, I would consider that a positive thing rather than negative, because it shows how deep the story can be.

There is one thing that I'm not too sure of...and incidentally, it's the central plot! Was Sonic selfish or wrong in going after Robotnik? While it is true that leaving Tails behind was a little thoughtless, Sonic was attempting to investigate if anything suspicious was happening. While Sonic may be a little paranoid, considering the amount of times Robotnik has tried to take over the world, the hedgehog's paranoia may be justified. As such, his intentions were good even if his actions did not support his thoughts. This begs the question: Which is more important? Intentions or actions?

Personally, I think that he was selfish in trying to be selfless. Similarly, he tried to do the right thing by investigating Robotnik's whereabouts, but leaving Tails behind was the wrong thing to do. In other words, his intentions were right, but his actions were wrong. Perhaps I am reading too much into this though.

It's a great flash though and I hope you continue because I'm very interested in seeing what Sonic's reactions and decisions will be when he encounters the three ghosts. Keep up the great work!

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Leviathan-Ran responds:

wow thanks for such an in depth review there!

soryr it tooka while to get back to you about it though.

Part 2 should arrive next Christmas, and should answer some of your questions :)


This seems big... He has 3 spirits who control him, and if he doesen't act right, he'll be as rude and selfish as Robotnik? What a show! 10/10


i liked the idea of the plot and the drawing and animation was flawless 10/10

Leviathan-Ran responds:

Maybe a little too generous there, but I thank you all the same!


Nice job on the animations, and the flash. Keep it up

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Dec 15, 2008
11:16 AM EST