Memoirs of a Snowman

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Short back story: The snowman's child has neglected him, so he takes us on a journey through the last chapter of his memoirs.

Please submit this to the Winter Flash Off.

This is the original ending. I finished a new ending, but every time I tried to export to .swf flash would crash to the desktop. Hopefully I'll be able to release a directors cut with the alternate ending. Please enjoy. This is my first flash submission and my most ambitious flash project to date. I spent about two weeks working on this (excluding breaks) and all of the work was done using the touch pad on my laptop. My kingdom for a stylus.



Well, I appreciate all of the people who checked this out before the close of the Winter Flash Off. However, I am upset that it was not recommended for the collection. Come on, guys and dolls. It's wintery. In any case. Thanks for watching, and once again, I appreciate that you took the time to check it out. Perhaps I'll have better luck with the next contest. Plus, I am almost done with my music video for Sky Eats Airplane, so keep an eye out for that. Much love.



A neat take on the life of a snowman. I can honestly say I have never seen a snowman commit suicide, let alone hang himself. Just a bit of critique. I noticed that most of the flash were still shots with not a whole lot of animating. The flash seems to carry itself by the music. I don't know whether or not the music is yours, but a bit more animation would make your part shine. Good luck man!

CyanideBreathmint responds:

Thanks. There would have been a lot more animating if I had the time, but I'm supremely busy. Instead I took a Hitchcock approach and ran scenes too long to make it a little more uncomfortable. And the end song is by Gregory Page.

Good Show

I couldn't take the first part seriously, menthols isn't the most bad ass cig but i get what your saying by it works with the snowman. Good choice in music

CyanideBreathmint responds:

There was a time when you could smoke in bars and diners, while listening to "Tracks and Lines" by Eric Clapton. Sadly, no more.



A very touching flash which shows how people's mind easily changes and the feeling of being abandoned is very well shown here. Only complaint is the animation looks a bit raw, a bit of 'polishing' will solve this. And a snowman that can smoke menthol cigs? Cool but SO unrealistic.Lol

CyanideBreathmint responds:

A living snowman is also unrealistic, but I think one smoking menthol cigarettes to keep cool is more believable than a regular cigarette. Thanks for the review. I'll work on polishing, I just need more free time.

Well made

This turned out really good, you should definitely keep animating.

CyanideBreathmint responds:

Thank you.


That was excellent! I really enjoyed it. It was so sad though.
The animation was pretty good and the story was really gloomy and I wasn't expecting it to be. Also, the ending was really unexpected as well. Overall, excellent job!

CyanideBreathmint responds:

I'm glad I could drum on the ol' heartstrings. The other ending (presuming I can get it to load) is happier. Thanks for the review.

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
11:28 PM EST