Fear Unlimited Arena

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This is not a demo, its an actual game. with a large amount of enemies to slaughter.

Use your demonic mac 10s, or your UHC 870 shot gun to punish the demons from affar
or your swords to hack em to pieces.

Default controls are;

A = evasive action
S = longrange action
D = Closerange action

Up = direct action in a upward motion
Down = Power action

F = Tranform into Devil or back into human

Q = taunt

Z = switch guns
X = switch swords
CTRL = pause menu



Had same problems as others, but I noticed if you get an enemy up in the air and just spam the sword attack, it's really easy to kill them. Defeated bosses easily just by jumping behind them when they're near a wall and spamming the sword attack. Once they start blocking, you can finish the last bit of health with your gun. Rather cheap attack strategy and glitch.

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good stuf

i like the gameplay and the dude u control is ba. thing to note is that the prices 4 stuf is a bit expensive.


A really weak ripoff from all further fear unlimited games, and the fact that you can't even beat the first boss if he hits you one time and gets you into the corner, reduces its rating even further from 5/10 to 3/10

Kinda entertaining

i felt like it was just a bad ripoff of devil may cry but it was still pretty good and kept me entertained for like a couple minutes

The game is okay but...

It gets annoying when you cant kill the four legs guy because he just keeps blocking your attacks which is ....annoying.

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
6:26 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler