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Fear Unlimited Arena

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Author Comments

This is not a demo, its an actual game. with a large amount of enemies to slaughter.

Use your demonic mac 10s, or your UHC 870 shot gun to punish the demons from affar
or your swords to hack em to pieces.

Default controls are;

A = evasive action
S = longrange action
D = Closerange action

Up = direct action in a upward motion
Down = Power action

F = Tranform into Devil or back into human

Q = taunt

Z = switch guns
X = switch swords
CTRL = pause menu


You've just murdered Devil May Cry...

Wow. You've taken a brilliant game and crushed its good name. It really dissapoints me when i see the icon of a game and i think "Ooh, that looks good" but after around 3 minutes i think "Why did i waste my time with this?". For starters, The controls were messed up, you could only do 1 combo and the automatic weapons weren't even automatic. Secondly, A plot would be nice. What's so fun about getting thrown into a small area and constantly killing the same thing over and over again with weapons that barely do any damage?
Thirdly, It not very original. The fact that you used a character that is the mirror image of Dante except with black hair kinda put me off. Also, the shopping feature is the same and even the items you buy and use were the same as Devil May Cry.
Lastly, The game has brilliant graphic work but all that is let down by the lack of entertainment. To me, it seems like this is a rushed attempt at making a good looking game that, put simply, isnt good at all.
I cant blame you for trying though, but you need to make your own ideas. Change the character, add a storyline and dialogue, mix up the monsters you fight and not use ideas from Devil May Cry! Use these tips and you culd have a good game made.

God mode??

wtf whats up with that imba blocking??

i mean the game is great and stuff like tht, but the fighting system really sucks with the enemys that block all the time <_< out of nowwhere they can block all your sword attacks and that all the time >.< this is really annoying. sometimes i get even killed by the first boss when he goes into this "god mode" O.o -.-


Good game. Gets a bit repetitive after some time and could use a story of some sort. Otherwhise great fun


the guns were cool, but were not automatic. the swords looked cool, but you could not change direction between attacks. overall, it was bad

Some technical flaws

I loved the combos and the style system. However, it really could use some engine that offers more dynamic graphics. After all fighting is about dynamics ;]

When you make menus and interfaces, work more on compatibility. Some of the texts were hardly readable.

And last, but not least, try to introduce a gameplay element that will constantly change the experience of the game. Otherwise, it can get repetitive (boring) pretty fast. A good example is the stamina in rpg games, or the combo gauge in fighting games.

Besides those details i really liked the idea of the game. Good job!

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Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
6:26 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler